The 2015 Spring Mariolympics and also commonly known as Spring 2015, marked the very first Mariolympic games as well as the first Spring Mariolympics.


In the inaugural competition of the Mariolympics, the Spring Mariolympics offered a wide range of games organized into 5 different categories: Modern Platforming, Sports, Mario Party, Retro Platforming, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. A special event was also taking place where participants could take part in a golfing category called the, "Mariolympics Open Tour." You can also see a full list of events in the 2015 Spring Mariolympics HERE


Beanbean Kingdom
Comet Observatory
Crystal Kingdom
Koopa Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom
The Void
Yoshi's Island

You can see a full list of all participants HERE

Medal Winners

You can see the full list of Medal Winners HERE!

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